Dagger Sport Hiking

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How to protect yourself when hiking?

Protect yourself in hiking is an important thing not only for you but also for your family. There may be some potential danger or disease in the way of hiking. So protect yourself health and safe is very essential. Here I will tell you something about how to protect yourself when hiking: 1.    Anti-fatigue. Fatigue is a participating factor of some disease in the way or after hiking. The way to prevent fatigue is walk in a correct posture and with patient, it is better to walk on path and not straight road. If walk on the straight road, you’d better not walk the center of the flat road but by the rugged roadside. 2.    Avoid your feet get blisters. If your shoes were not fit or your Walk posture isn’t correct, you may feel in a certain part of your feet pains or friction. You can stick a Medical proof fabric on it or stick a single side gum on the corresponding place of your shoes which can prevent your feet getting blisters. 3.    Avoid the change of weather. When hiking, you should pay attention to the change of the weather. If the weather of your destination is not the same as the place of your departure, you’d better bring some clothes and pay close attention to the weather report and add or reduce your clothes timely. 4.    Don’t over quench the thirsty. Before starting the hiking, prepare a pot of tea and add some salt in it. Green tea can promote the secretion and salt can prevent the sodium deficiency which cause by excessive sweating. Don’t fierce drink water when thirsty, just drink slowly and frequently. 5.    Carry about some common medicine, such as patulin, heatstroke preventive and traumatic, in order to prevent some unexpected illness or scratch. This will make a good protection for you when hiking.

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