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6 Tips about Graphic Design in Website

It’s a complex knowledge to do well graphic design in
. Not only to let the users look comfortable, more importantly, it must be convenient and fast. Here are some graphic design notes. I hope they are helpful to you.

1. Don’t put all links into the images

Previous, the page links are text and underscores are used for identification. But soon people started to hate these text links and then image links appeared. But not all users open the image to load. If you make links all on the images but without any similar text links users may be overwhelmed.

2. Use automatic scrolling cautiously

I visited a website with rich content ever. Many skills were used but only one thing is bad, that is, the designer used the automatic scrolling. I just wanted to send an email to the web master but I could not stop the scroll bar and click on the link. Then I have to spent a long time to “hit” the E-mail link!

3. Don’t use delay effect javascript

Now the web page creators use javascript madly to make the web page more influential. Users will not mind and think these scripts are nothing because the modem runs fast. But the attitude will be different if these scripts lead to delay.

4. Don’t rely on the browser

The sentence “Please use IE to view the site under 800×600 resolution” often appears in many homepages. I installed the IE, NC and Opera because I need them to test the readability of pages when I make web pages. But most users will not install so many browsers and remember which browser needs when visit a site. Maybe we can’t make all browsers have the same effect. But try your best to achieve this goal. It will make the different browsers have their own features. This is web producer’s job, right?

5. Don’t forget the copyright

Now, the problem of violations of intellectual property rights in the internet is very rampant. Then A number of new free personal website providers require users to submit detailed and real personal
to guard against unexpected incidents. So, if you need to reference other’s stuff, you’d better get in touch with him for advice or indicate the copyright on visible location. It is not redundant! It is “longevity” secret of your website! Of course, you absolutely have right to declare all the copyright belongs to you if the images or articles are from your hand.

6. Update timely

An individual website has many long-established pages but without updated. It’s a waste behavior of public resources. Will people visit these pages again if they find the master so lazy? So vast resources on the Internet, who will visit a website never updated?

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