Early American Frontier

Does anybody know the title of this film?

Its a Christmas film, I think it was shown on Sky last year. It's about Father Christmas and his helper, who I think was called "Black Peter". Peter was a Moor who some how or other ended up becoming immortal and helping out Santa. It starts with a Grandad telling his Grandchild the story of Peter and it travels through different periods of time - so one scene is set in the early American Frontier days. Slush I know, but I would love to get hold a copy for my sister!

Yes, but I can't remember the name.
Was it Saint Nicolas?
I'll have to go check IMDb.
Santa & Pete.
Not sure if this is the one I saw, or the one you're looking for, and the only place I've seen it for sale is Amazon.com so it's Region 1 & NTSC, although you might be able to request it through Amazon.co.uk

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