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What can I do in 8 years in Marines?

I am going to the Marines out of high school and the reason I am going is to learn, stay in shape, help people, and hope to gain some traits that I have but could improve for myself and for others. But I only want to stay in maybe 6 or 7 years. What can I accomplish by then? I want to be in Force Recon or in other words, an elite soldier. The USMC says to have a plan b which i do, after marines or if i decide not to go, im going into the f.b.i. but i want to know can i do what i want in marines. by this i mean can i rank up to a good rank and be an elite force recon soldier in 7 years tops? im not sure so help me

Just a word of advice... never call a Recon Marine a "soldier."

If you take all the right steps and you first work on being the best Marine you can be, you can try to get into Force Recon within that time. Please understand... it is hard. Very hard. 1/3 Marines going through the Basic Recon Course actually graduate... Then a quarter of those don't make it through the additional training. This is after the selection process where a majority get turned away before the BRC.

For Force Recon... it's a lot harder. Between 2003 and 2005 the attrition rate was 66%

What do you consider a "good rank?"

Also, why only 6 or 7 years?

The FBI... I'm pretty sure you need a college degree. Perhaps going to college first then becoming an officer is up your alley.

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