Ems Police Knives

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Kershaw Knives Collections,Cheap Police Equipment

History of the Pocketknife

Once upon a time a man had two best friends, Fido and his trusty pocket knife. Before any man can leave his home, he needs to ensure that he has his car keys, house key, wallet and of course his ever trusty pocket knives. Pocket knives have become high-tech tools, but they have a history of beginning in a low-tech era. The original knife itself, has been around since the stone age and was typically used for hunting, carving and sometimes even starting fires. The folding pocket knife seems to be a modern incarnation of its fixed-blade cousin used by our Stone Age Cousins. However, the Romans are attributed with the original creation of the first folding pocket knives. The Romans were known to be exceptionally skilled metal workers and their folding pocket knife creation was a was three inches long and closed without a nail nick, or spring. The Romans were also exceptionally skilled artists and carvers and often decorated the handles with ornate and elaborately designs such as with a Gladiator or Lion both symbols of Roman power.

The folding pocket knife was also greatly used during the Middle Ages since the use of table cutlery was widely non-existent. Often traveling merchants and other affluent travelers would carry a folding knife also known as the traditional pocketknife. Throughout the 18th Century the pocketknife was the commonly accepted tool of the trade for most men including politicians, lawyers, woodcutters and even farmers. The choice of the pocketknife sometimes known as a jackknife was a heavy, awkward tool with a single blade and a curved handle. But as the centuries wore on penknives began taking precedence over the single bladed, folding pocketknife. Knife-makers began including springs in the fold of the knives and began making multi-bladed pocketknives. Those multi-bladed pocketknives would become known as our modern day Swiss Army Knife.

Choosing a Kershaw Knife

Kershaw Knives have long since been respected and renowned for their quality, their style and some of the most innovative knife designs ever seen. Kershaw Knives often extend beyond the simple functionality of hunting knives to include pocket knives and kitchen knives. Kershaw Knives also include some special features not found anywhere else such as Speed Safe which is suggested to have started the assisted opening craze and Zero Tolerance Knives considered to be some of the greatest military combat and tactical knives to have been produced upto date.

Before choosing the perfect Kershaw Knife you'll need to ask yourself a few questions before you actually make your final purchase. With so many different types of Kershaw Knives to chose from you should consider the following information:

1) Kershaw Knives come in a variety of kitchen, hunting and combat knives styles. Before buying a Kershaw Knife you should take the time and research what particular knives are available for your particular needs.

2) Next, you'll need to decide what the purpose for purchasing your new
Kershaw Knife
is: do you need a typical kitchen knife for cooking? Or do you need a reliable knife for hunting elk and deer? Or do you want a beautiful and durable knife to add to your knife collection.

3) The final step is to know and understand the features you're expecting with your Kershaw Knife. Becoming educated on the Kershaw Knife features will make your final decision, the perfect decision and make you smile because you've choosen the perfect Kershaw Knife for your needs.

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