Emt Firefighter Police

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Ive had two medics tell me u have to be sick in the head to do their jobs, wtf?

The one told me he pulled my friend out of a car and that he was dead nothing he could do. My friend (as I heard) was so banged up he was unrecognizable. This same EMT told me he is insane and that all medics are and that you have to be insane to do the job.

Another medic has recently told me the same thing. To look at the stuff you have to be mentally ill. Is this right? I'm disturbed by this! Thank you.

They were blowing off steam or trying to impress you.

I will a Navy Corpsman in Viet Nam. I saw blown up and burned bodies. I later became a nurse. My colleagues in both areas were normal.

If they were right virtually every doctor, EMT, firefighter, police officer, nurse, mortician would be insane.

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