Exhibition Grade Lace

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Exhibition Designers Just Don't Know How To Sell (Yet)

Already popular with event professionals, the award winning 3D-Standards application is now launched on a public site BabyCad.com.  Amongst the professionals already using this 3D sales system, it's known as "the deal clincher" and you can quickly see why. BabyCad.com has a free 3D trial so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Aimed at event professionals, design firms, and event/meeting organisers, this intuitive 3D application will set you far apart from your competitors, by allowing you to whip up great looking 3D visuals in minutes and publish them online. Annoyingly, the free trial at BabyCad stops short of allowing you to publish one of their so called "deal clinching" 3D-Snapshots. But thankfully at $39(US) per month, it's not going to break the bank to try the full version and give the tyres a kick. BabyCad decided to offer their own unique set of 3D products to configure and snap together on-line in the familiar 3D-Standards visualisation system. The result is a quick and refreshingly intuitive way to sketch out exhibition stand ideas, or event spaces for your client.  You upload your own artwork directly onto the 3D graphic banners in one click, then publish the result as an interactive 360 graphic. All that's left is to email your prospective client a link. The launch of this new open access portal comes as a blessing for those designers who haven't yet had access to 3D-Standards. (I'ts previously been hosted behind dealership logins, or corporate extra nets.) The new set of 3D products available at BabyCad (in our opinion) could do with a little more fat on it's bones, but the BabyCad folks assured us "We're continuing to build on our existing database of 3D products, we want to make sure this is the tool of choice for event and meeting managers as well as stand designers." - which sounds promising, at least now we can all go and see for ourselves for free. Requests for new 3D products are invited, and should be directed through their feedback button (top right on the application page) New 3D design features are being added to the 3D-Standards system constantly, I only hope th keep their simple interface design which we love because it makes it so easy to use (we especially like it since we discovered how to brand it with our own logo).  This tool is the latest  must have  for event professionals, turning out stunning visuals in a snap, and easy enough for complete beginners to pick up on the fly. The development team are a friendly bunch too, even if they do eat haggis for breakfast - I strongly suggest you go see what everyone is talking about at babycad.com  You can get in touch directly with the Scottish developers of the system here: enquire(at)aarkid(dot)com or visit www.aarkid.com

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