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How to Fix Final Fantasy XIV Crashes on PC

How to Fix Final Fantasy XIV Crashes on PC

I was getting the startup crash where launching the game after the installation would pop-up a black window, and then Windows would say that the program stopped working correctly. In my Event Viewer, I had the error log below. I will explain how I got around this error (so far).

I am currently downloading the patch now, so I don't know for certain if the game will run or not. However, this is how I got the patcher to start working:

Final Fantasy XIV Crashes Fix Solution 1:

1. Install the game on another computer that runs the patcher successfully (a friend's computer, your mom's computer, etc.).

2. Install the game on the non-working computer, which has the crashing problem.

3. Copy the entire directory of "C:Program Files(x86)SquareEnixFINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version" from the working computer, to the same location on the non-working computer, overwriting all of the files on the non-working computer. You can use a USB flash drive, or burn a CD, or some sort of a network transfer method to copy the files from the working computer to the non-working computer.

There is probably just some configuration file that I am replacing that tells the ffxivboot.exe program that it is not allowed to run. I didn't dig that deeply into it. With that assumption though, there is a possibility that my system is just not able to run the game (it is a two-year old Alienware laptop). We shall see!

Final Fantasy XIV Crashes Fix Solution 2:

Another possible solution, although I haven't tried this, is you could try downloading these files (as instructed in this post) and copy/save them in "C:Program Files (x86)SquareEnixFINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version", overwriting the existing files:

I'd also like to mention that I found a way to make the patcher to download faster. Simply open up ports 55296-55551 on your router. I am currently downloading at 1.3Mb/s. (I am sure that information is elsewhere in these forums, but I am sure it won't hurt to reiterate it while I am typing this up).

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