Finn Bear Puukko

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Teddy Bears are the most proven toy of all times and provide comfort to children mostly at night in the dark. The In The Dark, Glow Bear requires no batteries or electricity and glows all night providing children comfort in the dark when they need it the most. This Teddy Bear requires no batteries which mean that you can wash the Teddy Bear and has a lifetime warranty! Simply leave the glow bear in a room during the day and at night The Glow Bear is ready to Glow!

What-If Productions Inc. has taken the most proven toy of all times and turned it into a toy beyond any childs imagination. Most Teddy Bears their story ends at night, the Glow Bear...the story just begins. Get the "Original" teddy bear that glows in the dark, parent and child approved and received the highest toy rating by the Toyman and received three awards "Award of Excellence", "The Editors Choice Award" and "The Seal of Approval".

The Glow bear is made of the highest quality of material and with its lifetime warranty made to last a lifetime.

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