Foot Suit Armor

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Bespoke tailor for bespoke suit

Finding a quality bespoke tailor who charges a reasonable price is almost unheard of, but with A Suit That Fits’ unique service, a one-off piece of bespoke tailoring - whether a stunning new suit, a shirt or a pair of trousers – can be yours for a surprisingly affordable price.

Bespoke tailoring in London (Liverpool Street) makes fittings a cinch during the working day or even over the weekend – we are open for fittings on Saturdays too, from ten am until four pm. Just twenty pounds will pay for a fitting with one of our experienced bespoke tailors, ensuring you have a perfect fit and look fantastic.

Bespoke tailoring is all about flattering your shape and we can guarantee that you will never have been so comfortable or looked so good before. All of our suits and garments are made from the highest quality, from woolen men’s suits to crisp cotton shirts and soft linen dinner jacket. Because each piece is tailor made for you, you decide on the look you want to achieve, and can get as creative as you like when choosing buttons, linings and stitching, even opting for a dramatic contrast if you want.

Bespoke tailoring in London suggests the snobbery and extortionate prices of Savile Row, but it doesn’t have to be that way; A Suit That Fits can offer you the same quality but at half the price, and at your convenience. You can even order everything directly from us online, without coming to us for a fitting. We know what gentlemen out there need (we’ve thought of everything) and can make you simple, straightforward gear that looks great.

Don’t delay - visit one of our bespoke tailors today and change the way you shop forever.

Asuitthatfits' experienced
bespoke tailor
have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you make the right choices for your suit. A Suit That Fits can promise a quick service and perfectly fitted
mens suit
every time.

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