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Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With Uniquely Folded Invitation Prints

It seems that more and more couples today are exerting all efforts to make their wedding day truly distinctive and apart from the rest. And a lot of these efforts go to the first representation of that special day --- the wedding invitation. With the wedding invitation, guests get a first taste of what and how the wedding will be. It is therefore important that these invitations are given a lot of attention and careful thinking.

One way of coming up with extraordinary wedding invitations are through the folds. A folded invitation print that is professionally and uniquely done will make a good impression of the forthcoming event. Below are some suggestions to help you create the ultimate folded invitation print.

The first style you can employ is the pocket style. This can be used for invitations with various shapes and dimensions. It essentially contains the invitation like a pocket and is therefore open on one side. A great idea is to make the pocket look transparent with clear paper and floral designs. It can also be of solid color that is in harmony with the invitation. In addition, the pocket may hold the response card or the reception card plus the maps (of the church and wedding reception) if you desire to. So if you think this style fits the wedding’s concept, go for it.

Another idea for that uniquely folded invitation print is the bow-tie style. This one makes your invitations more like a gift. To do this, choose an invite that already comes with a bow. Make sure the bow is in sync with the wedding’s motif. The bow can be used in two ways: by tying it around the invitation or threaded through die cut areas in the invitation, after which it will be tied. The bows truly make the invites more charming and special. Usually, the price of the invitation already includes the bows’ cost. However, the latter oftentimes comes as a separate item so you may have to assemble the whole thing.

Also, you might want to consider creating fancy folds to your invites. For instance, you can give out a folded invitation print that looks more than a simple card printed on one panel. Nowadays, wedding invitations are available in truly innovative formats such as by employing multiple folds or die cuts. Also, a popular style is the accordion fold or having three panels in your invitation. You may also choose to incorporate embossed elements in all three panels. That will surely make your invites more elegant and tasteful. You can also opt for invites that are folded like origami which folds in two directions and are tied with a bow.

Another style for your folded invitation print is the skinny style. Invites of the modern age are truly becoming more popular. There are skinny and tall designs that opens on one end. There are horizontal invitations as well contained in long envelopes that open right on the long side. All these invites are available in different colors and bows.

Your folded invitation print can also make use of the jacket style. In this uncommon look, invites are contained by a folded jacket. Along with the invites are the other cards that the couple wish to include. This style is normally open on both top and bottom parts and also folds on both sides, left and right. The flaps meet in the middle. Sometimes, a ribbon is used for tying around the jacket.

Whatever style or fold you settle for, see to it that your folded print invites are printed in top notch quality. At present, a lot of great printing companies can be found online. Just make sure you choose the most reliable one. Remember, your wedding invites create your guests’ first impression of your special day. Therefore, it better be the best.

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