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Tips For Beginner Triathlon Transitioning

It is easy to get discouraged after seeing some of the transition area tips that are out there right now. Those tacticssuppose you are a seasoned trithlete and tend to be intense and are primarily focused on how to ensure that you have a flawless transision. Of course, you want be as fast as possible, but please do not feel anxious about doing it flawlessly. So, to make your transitions go as smooth as possible, you just have to plan and practice. Make sure you keep calm, and most importantly, have fun! And do not forget to print out our triathlon race day checklist at!

1. Strategic Spot- Arrive to the race early so that you get to pick your transition spot before it gets crowded. Unless the transition area is already assigned, pick an edge spot. That way, you will be able to get to the next events entrance faster.

2. Remember your surroundings- In the Race Day Checklist at, we suggest that you find the brightest towl you can to help you locate your transition area easier. We recommend using a solid colored towel so that you can clearly see all the items that you set out. Pay attention to where your transition spot is and find the least crowded route from the swim exit to the bike entrance. check out # 9

3. Relax and Smile- Start up a chat with another triathlete Tons of triathletes (including you) will have pre-race jitters before the start of the race and making small talk may help you (and them) forget about your fears. You might get some last minute tips from a seasoned triathlete. Additionally, if you forgot something like your bike pump, a nice neighbor might be willing to share his or her supplies with you.

4. Be Minimalistic- Organize your transition area in the way that works best for you. Put out what you will use and keep all the extras in your bag. A disorganized area will slow you down. Set up your area in the order of the events –your bike gear should be in front of your running gear. It is a good idea to place your socks inside your sneakers, your t-shirt on top of your bike seat so you can put it on quickly and your bike gloves (if using) on your handle bars. Set up your helmet upside down and unbuckled on top of your handlebars and open your sunglassesinside your helmet. Unzip all of your clothes so it is easy to put on. You are lucky if you do not have clip in bike shoes! You will only have to wear one pair of sneakers!

5. Double Check- Ensure that your tires are fully inflated. Your small air pump should be attached to your bike before hand. Check to see that you have your tire levers in your bike bag and make sure it is closed. If you are not using a number belt, pin your number to your shirt ahead of time.

6. Start With The Swim- Our advice is toput your swim cap on over your goggles. So, if someone hits you in the swim, your goggles will not fly off. Pull off your wetsuit as you run to your transition area. Wetsuits come off faster when they are wet. Take off your cap and goggles as you run to your transition area.

7. Bike- fasten your helmet on before taking your bike off the rack. When you’re nearing the end of the bike route, put your bike in a low gear- this will help get your legs ready to run.

8. Do It All At Once – After the swim, step on your extra towel to dry your feet off and put on your socks . Then put on your gear in the transition area. Then grab your sports drink and take a few bites as you are running (careful not to choke!). Put on your number belt as you are moving. Do not trown your disgarded gear on top of the gear you still have to use (ie: Do not put your goggles on top of your shorts.)

9. Dress Rehearsal- The transition is the 4th sport in a triathlon, practice it over and over. Try tying your sneakers. Practice organizing your area so you find the way that is your best strategy. Before the race starts, Take a jog to the swim exit to your transition area. By practicing the route to and from your transition area, you will find your transition area faster.

10. Have Fun- It may seem like this is a lot to read, but with a rehearsal, you will become less anxious and discover your personal preference for setting up your transition area. Do not worry if your transition does not go as smooth as you hoped. Have a great time and take it as it comes! During my first triathlon I forgot to put onmy running shorts over my bike spandex and I almost turned back because I did not want people to see my butt jiggle. But I pressed on and realized no one was looking at my but. If the race does not go perfectly, do not worry! Just keep going, give yourself a break and have a blast!

We hope these tips are helpful for you as your prepare for your first triathlon. Check out the best beginner triathlete tips at!

We are Davey and Jess Anderson, a down-to-earth guy and girl who have tons of beginner triathlon strategies, encouragement and strength training plans (coming soon!) to help you attain your goal, beat your time, or conquer your fear of doing a triathlon. Check out for lots of awesome tips about

triathlon training for beginners !

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