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Is it bad to give free things as gifts?

Every year our school holds the Giving Tree. Where we adopt children from a family and buy them gifts for Christmas. The library and staff and aids (I'm an aid) adopted 3 kids and 2 senior citizens. We raised a good some, a little more than $50 per person, but I feel that it's not sufficient enough for the children.

Over the weekend, I went Black Friday shopping and received a free tote bag + perfume, lotion, and lip gloss from Victoria's Secret. It's valued at $68 because the lotion and perfume are reasonably large. And I got a free hard cased pencil holder from Vera Bradley (I don't think they sell this item).

Anyways, would it be bad to include these things into the the children's gift? I feel that it would be a nice little extra since we can't afford anymore for them and I have no use for them. They're 15 and 14.

That's nice that you want to give them away instead of keeping them for yourself. When you give the free things to the people receiving them just say where they came from and that you would like them to have these gifts also. I would be honest about where they came from so they don't think they are part of the free gifts .Also, let the other staff members know you are doing this.

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