Frost Knives Dodge

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Ceramic Knives and Insulated tools

Most of us already know what ceramic knives are simply because they have become very popular in our kitchens and have been on television a lot. They are stronger, sharper and require less maintenance than our usual knives. But thanks to their wonderful abilities, ceramic knives are not used in kitchens. Their use has become quite broad and it has almost become a standard to use ceramic knives for scuba divers because they cannot rust underwater. They are also used for roughly the same reasons by people working in the cable installation industry. On top of not rusting when in contact with water, they have the huge advantage of being nonconductive and nonmagnetic. The innovation in this case though lays in the fact that the handle of the knife is insulated so that the risk of being electrocuted is reduced. It has become, alongside Arc flash protection like arc flash clothing and arc flash PPE , one of the most commonly used piece of equipment for its strength and nonconductive ability. Those knives have become as useful as insulated scissors or insulated pliers. Even if all those tools are insulated, it is important to always carry a burn care kit and arc suppression blankets in case something happens. Those insulating ceramic knives usually include various features like a specific ceramic blade shape made from ceramic and composite material to ensure that it is absolutely nonconductive. Because it is often to cut strong elements like cables or ropes, the blade is very sharp and has a blade with an obtuse angle which means it is much stronger than other knives. In order to give it added strength and support, the whole body is injected with technical polymer. On top of being made of nonconductive material, the handle is contoured and also has a slip guard for a better grip to prevent any problem like the slipping of the knife. All knives obviously come with a blade guard to prevent any accident or any problem when they are not being used but also for a safer storage. It is very interesting to see all the uses that can come from a knife that most of us only know in our kitchens. Like a lot of elements used in our everyday life, they can also be used for their strength in different situations. A lot of things we use today actually come from military or industrial technology.

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