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kahr pm45, springfield gi compact, or what?

Hey folks,

I own a springfield armory 1911 full sized combat pistol, and I've decided to trade her in. I want something more compact along with being lighter in weight. Mag capacity would also be a plus factor. In essence I'm looking for a CCW in .45ACP. When I went to the gun shop, the dealer had the kahr pm45 and a springfield gi compact. He offered those but I'm still not sure about which one I'm gonna go for. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to shoot them my way. Thanks for reading.


In my opinion that is a bad move.
From my years of carrying a pistol, I can tell you there is no such thing as a good compact in 45 or 40 cal. There are very few in 9mm.
Oh, there are plenty of compacts in any caliber you desire. They just make poor carry pistols. The problem is that generally the grip is far too small for the gun frame, which makes for a sloppy handling gun. Add to that- a big bore with some recoil, and you have an unmanageable gun.

Kahr does make a couple in 9mm. Some would argue for the 40/45. The 380 Kahr sux.
Beretta makes a good one, the Cheetah...but its a 380. So does Sig- the 232. They make the 238, but it is yuk.
Basically, what I am saying is that when you scale down the size of your carry piece, hand fit will be most important-get that part right. Then accept whatever caliber you can find. There is absolutely nothing wrong with 380. 9mm is better, of course. But 40/45 is not any better than 9mm.
If you just want 45? Thats okay, if you can find a small one that fits your hand.
Thats my 2 cents.

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