Gerber Freeman Pear

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Brief history

Pete Gerber developed Gerber knives on 1939. Gradually, it has started a reputation to every one of enthusiastic outdoorsmen for providing quality knives. There were also diverse pieces of effective models developed by popular knife makers to strengthen the craftsmanship of Gerber knives. It was the first modified knife company collaborated by David Murphy.

Gerber knives

Basically, Gerber knives are built for nature trip and survival in the outdoors. These knives are also called tactical knives and combat knives. Any outdoorsman can show the top quality of this product in terms of its fine craftsmanship and sturdiness.

Other features:

- Excellent stainless-steel cutting blades are great in pruning down any kind of wood.

- The variety of handle materials used (Kraton rubber, nylon, aluminum, and laminate) might make it convenient to sling and may avoid your palms from having blisters.

- Black titanium brings good strength and resistance to rust and erosion, as well as decreases the adhesion of other sorts of particles.

- Pocket and foldable knives.

You will discover different types of Gerber knives you may decide on. You could find it difficult whenever you only scan the product list. It might be a lot more complicated after you scan on the complex product names. It truly is essential to be familiarized with the lineaments of each product. Or else, you could end up choosing the completely wrong gadget you prefer.

Gerber knives are generally classified into a variety of groups: infantry, hunting, and camping knives. These types of knives have excellent working mower blades, protection and secure lock, and a sturdy handle.

Bear Grylls knife

Everyone is asking what knife Bear Grylls used. Watchers of "Man vs. Wild" made a lot of research to find out exactly what an Ex-Special Forces Survival Instructor will bring to the forests. If you're seeking for a stiff advice for survival, you may decide to look Bear Grylls knife.


Bear Grylls knife is actually collaborated with Gerber. Because of this, the level of quality of Gerber design expertise and manufacturing excellence is becoming a whole package. This makes it more good and accurate to all or any keen outdoorsmen and also family campers.


- The full tang saw blade structure of high carbon steel makes the standard of the knife stronger and more sturdy.

- The ergonomic composition rubberized hold makes it easier to hold and helps prevent slippage.

The handle:

- The bottom of the handle consists of stainless steel pommel, which is beneficial for hammering.

- The end of the lanyard cord can be utilized as an emergency whistle.

The sheath:

- It is composed of long lasting light in weight military mark nylon.

- There is a lock in flint of fire starter built inside sheath.

- Moreover it comes up with an instant sharpener comprised of diamond.

This kind of knife has rescue guidance and a pocket sized handbook which contain all the critical recommendations of survival.

Other benefits:

- It may be a fine generous gift for someone.

- Self-protection tool.

- Multi-tool: screwdrivers, scissors, can openers, etc.

Gain yourself a greater odds to thrive right into the wilds. Never ever head out to an an adventurous type escapade with an empty pocket.

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