Gerber Metolius Fixed

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Bear Grylls Fixed Blade Knife

On its very own, the knife is a good all round hunk of a edge. The drop point, 4. 8-inch blade is sort of a ¼ inch thick in the spine, hollow ground, and made out of 440A steel with a good Rockwell score of 55-59 (57+/-2), making for excellent strength and easy sharpening.The handle has a great ergonomic shape that fits well within the hand with a double guard to protect yourself from slippage and a bumpy rubber grip that’s attractive sticky, even in moist conditions.Some will gripe about the fact a full half for the edge is serrated. It’s your own preference and a maximum smooth blade option isn't really currently available on the following knife. During my tests the actual serrations didn’t impede the tool in any respect, so take from that what is important to. The pommel is checkered stainless giving the knife good hammering capabilities. It made short job of driving some improvised tent stakes additionally, the checkering had me shattering your ends of softer stakes instead of slipping off onto my personal knuckles. It also affords the otherwise synthetic handle a pleasant balance and weight, but along with the knife clocking in from 11. 2 oz., larger hammering chores is going to be better suited to any nicely contoured rock.In cases where you’ve ever watched "Man vs .. Wild, " Grylls often implements a medium-sized knife like it, hammering the blade in saplings and bamboo instead of a hatchet. That’s after he jumps away from a plane and rappels along a waterfall. So consequently…the Ultimate Knife got hammered by hunks in wood and rocks into quite a few logs. I halved several pieces that were 6 or 8 inches in diameter. The spine didn’t chip through the hammering, and neither did the edge for example, and the synthetic cope with showed no sign with cracking. And after mini-hatchet requirement, the edge, which appeared scary sharp, easily shaved curls for dry wood for tinder.Now, so far no surprises because of Gerber. They make excellent knives this is no exception. Now onto the stuffs that makes this package your survival knife... and it's all with the sheath. When fully taken apart, the knife and sheath break up into four pieces: an important ferrocerium fire starter fly fishing rod, the knife, the zytel sheath by having a diamond sharpening stone in the back side, and the actual heavy-duty nylon platform. When the center strap on teh lateral side of the sheath is actually released, the zytel portion swings down with a nylon loop at the end to reveal the gem sharpener. Oddly, that loop is Velcro also and can be started out, allowing the zytel to remain completely removed from the actual platform. Gerber found the right way to pack a lot of traditional survival knife features proper very streamlined, compact package, but when you get because of it, only two narrow pieces of Velcro-lined nylon hold the full works together.The Best Knife, and every product inside the Survival Series, includes your Bear Grylls Priorities involving Survival Pocket Guide, which slips proper weather-resistant pocket on a back corner of the sheath. The pocket also comprises of land to air shelter and SOS instructions about the.

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