German Eickhorn Paratrooper

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Special Challenges in German Translation

When one speaks of
German translation
, one actually refers to a rather special kind of translation job. As German is one of the leading languages used in the world’s businesses, translation jobs that involve this language are almost always related to a diversity of specialties and industries, each of which has its own set of special requirements in terms of linguistic structures, terminologies, jargons, and context.

Granted, it is rare to find a German business person who cannot speak in English. That is to say, most German speakers can also competently speak or write in English, so doing business with them is fairly easier than with any other nationality. However, there are still certain documents or areas in certain industries that must be translated into German. For instance, website localization into the German language is one of the most popular marketing strategies of any web-savvy business, considering that German is the second most widely used language on the World Wide Web. So you can often find a serious business website with a ready German version accessible by a simple mouse-click.

German companies are also extensively active in global business, either by establishing local country offices or holding massive trade shows. And in each of these endeavors, the marketing and business paper work involved often requires a high standard of
German translation
. Marketing collaterals, for instance, are significant in amount. Imagine, say, the launch of a new luxury automobile by Mercedes-Benz in some Asian country. Such a campaign would be nationwide, and the sheer magnitude of its marketing effort would entail the kind of paper work and accompanying translation jobs that would bog down an ill-equipped
translation agency

Therefore, in engaging the services of a German translation company, as in other arenas of the translation industry, it is important to be able to somehow determine the capability and experience of the translator or team of translators. Are they qualified experts with specialization in specific fields? Be wary of hiring a translator who is an “expert” in all fields, as such a translator does not exist—the claim would be empty and might leave you and your project in a steaming pile of disaster.

As one of what are considered “Germanic languages,” German also has a vast diversity of dialects. One great thing, though, is that translating into German has become fairly standardized, with High German considered as the standard for both the spoken and written form of the language. What this means is that a significant part of a translator’s difficulty is concentrated, as one only has to deal with one accepted form of German—it is enough to reach any German-speaking audience. Also, when dealing with the
translation of technical documents
, the translator no longer has to “localize” the text—the standard is enough.

As German translation is almost always related to business, it is also critical to determine first and foremost if the translation agency offers a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). Clients are usually big companies in possession of highly sensitive confidential information—such as those related to patents or proprietary technologies—that is worth millions, if not billions of research and development dollars.

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