Green Crocodile Bone

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The French company has created mold with the little green crocodile on its products, one of the most famous trademark of all fashion labels. Worldwide connect people with the green label Lacoste Polo Shirt crocodile. Lacoste Shoes Sale was one of the first fashion companies to affix their own logo on the front page of the clothing are clearly visible.

The fashion brand Lacoste Women Polo is from France and has its headquarters in Paris. Lacoste Shoes For Men is not only in France and Europe for men, women and children known, but worldwide. The famous green crocodile of Lacoste but now adorns not just clothes.The green alligator on Lacoste products is known around the world

After initially could be bought only in America directly from Lacoste in the online shop, moved in 2010 and Europe in this respect, the focus of the fashion label. This was made in America good experience with the sale of products through its own Lacoste online store. For other online fashion stores, there had been to buy Lacoste products before. The positioning of the Lacoste Men Polo brand in the world can implement Lacoste own online shop according to their own ideas and wishes. The shopping fun it is to be according to the company in the foreground. In addition, customers can be tied to this kind of intense at Lacoste. In addition to the Lacoste Online Shop for America is also the French for the home developed successfully and Canaday and Britain were next on the list.

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