Grip Throwing Knives

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What is a great flanking class for Modern Warfare 2?

Hey guys, I have a class for flanking enemies, so attack them from behind, so if u would have any tips or to fix my class feel free to share
Primary weapon: UMP45 w/ silencer
Secondary weapon:Striker w/ grip
Throwing Knife
Stun / Flash
Marathon ( So if I get caught I run away )
Stopping Power
Ninja ( So I'm not visible on HeartBeat Sensors and be silent )
All perks are pro's
Deathstreak: Painkiller
And I'm also using this class to nuke sometimes: Harrier Strike,AC130,Tactical Nuke
So feel free to give me any tips and information

this is my favorite class to get behind the other team with.
primary: either mp5k or p90 depending on your preference.
secondary: tact knife. it makes you run a little faster if you have it equipped.
i would use some sort of grenade either semtex or frag it doesn't matter
special: stuns
perk 1: marathon pro
perk 2: lightweight pro (this is a must if you are trying to get behind the enemy)
perk 3: commando pro (this way you can just off anything and not get hurt and so tact knifing will actually work)
deathstreak: it really doesn't matter
to be honest if you're using this tactic its probably not going to work very well for getting nukes. my personal preference for this class is to use uav, predator, and harriers. the uav is EXTREMELY helpful in finding enemies.
i hope this helps.

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