Grunt Hunting Knife

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How Today's Hunting Knife Came to Be Over the Years

Hunting knives have been around since the Stone Age. Stone, bone and shells were first used as knives. The one thing they had in common with today's knives is that they were sharpened on stone.

Egyptians generally used long handled spears to capture prey. They were the first to attach wooden handles to their stone blades. The Eygptians primarily used knives for skinning and cutting meat. Greeks made knives of bronze that were used in Asia and Europe during the time period of the 8th to the 6th century B.C. Steel blades arrived during the time of the Romans. Steel dominates the material in blades used today.

During the Middle Ages table knives did not exist. Everyone was expected to bring his own knife that also served as a dagger between meals. Fixed blades carried in sheaths seemed to be the preferred knife. There were some pocketknives that date back 2000 years ago. Most of those where jack knives, a heavy tool with a single blade that closed in the groove of a handle.

Jim Bowie was a major player in the history of hunting knives. There is no one Bowie knife. Jim Bowie made changes to a series of knives until he found one he liked. A Bowie knife has a large fixed blade and a clip point.

Bowie used knives for hand-to-hand combat as well. Therefore, some Bowie knives have a serpentine piece between the handle and the blade. It is there to protect your hand from an opponent's blade.

Bowie was not the only person to use knives have served purposes other than hunting. The Sikhs carry a religious weapon called the Kirpan as a symbol of their faith. Blood brother ceremonies were performed by the North American Indians. Asian cultures have used them for loyalty covenants.

During the 18th century cutlerers used springs to secure the blade in both the open and closed position. This made knives safer and firmer. In the 1800's the Swiss Army Knife became popular. It is a folding knife that serves as a miniature toolbox in your pocket. There are assorted utensils as well as cutting blades attached.

Custom-built knives are popular with today's modern hunter. Knives made with antler-horned handles are becoming quite popular. They are often individually made, making each one unique.

Knives have evolved from crude stone implements to a blend of metal blades. A combination of Western techniques and Japanese samuri forges make up today's methods of creating knives. Kershaw, a well known manufacturer of knives, is affiliated with the Japanese region that made samuri blades.

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