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Handle Any Situation using a Gerber LMF Survival Knife as your trusted companion

Being out in the wild is always a problem. Not merely do you have to handle the volatility of Mother Nature, you also have to put together for any scenario that might come up. It's good to possess a knife like Gerber LMF helping you.

This specific knife is categorized as a fixed blade. Most hunting knives typically are available in this model but there are also folding types informal outdoorsmen choose. The attractiveness of a knife like this is there is certainly nothing that covers the blade. It includes a separate sheath and there are no moving parts whatsoever. The straightforward style makes it a whole lot stronger than folding sport knives and the blade itself is tough. For these particular factors alone, Gerber LMF II is usually the better option if you would like a dependable hunting or survival knife.

The Gerber LMF series was created by Jeff Freeman, a former military man, with a lot of field experience. If you are wondering regardless of whether this will be the knife for you personally, listed here are a couple of particulars you should be aware of.

Versatile is one phrase to summarize Gerber LMF II. Military workers can use it to chop through the skin of a fuselage or egress through the Plexiglas of a chopper. Survival and outdoor fans can use it to chop firewood or build a protection. This can be one knife that will stand up to virtually any survival scenario you can think of.

The Gerber LMF series falls into the 4 to six inch medium blade category. Once you purchase a knife of this caliber, you get a 4.84 inch blade which is not really that big for gutting and skinning medium and big game. Neither is the knife too tiny to stop larger animals if necessary.

Because of its length of 10.59 inches and excess weight of 11.67 ounces, it may be fairly hefty to hold around on a daily basis. Still, you can brush that aside when you understand this is really a knife constructed for a life time of serious use.

The blade of Gerber LMF II is its principal selling stage. It's a high-quality drop point produced of American-made 420HC metal. The knife retains an edge well and may be sharpened easily even following serious use.

An additional advantage you receive is the fact that the blade is serrated near the handle. This serration extends the slicing capabilities of the blade, permitting it to get through the toughest material. Additionally, it includes a non-reflective black layer to limit the attention it may possibly draw in an urgent scenario.

The next point pertains towards the knife grip. The plastic, glass filled handle is enclosed in a TPV molded grip. This kind of grip is comfy to carry and includes a durable, rubberized feel that prevents blisters even following a long period of use.

The rubberized handle helps absorb shock, regardless of whether you're hammering, reducing, or chopping. Additionally, it insulates you from electrical power, if you must slash through a live wire.

If you are thinking about what kind of knife to spend money on, the Gerber LMF II knife may serve you well, regardless of whether on the battle ground or while out backpacking.

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