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Medical Scales - An Insight into Their Classification

Gone are the days when medical scales were the exclusive domain of trained medical professionals. Today, you can them in different varieties that can be handled by just anyone with very small amount of training in a matter of a few minutes (like reading manuals etc). This has been possible due to the digitalization of various test equipments that offer accurate digital readings, as opposed to analog varieties. So, what are the different types of medical scales that are in vogue today not only in medical units but also in private homes? Read on:

Body Fat Scale :

This is used by every health conscious individual who wish to do away with extra flab in the body. Not only do they help in maintaining a healthy fat content in the body, but also helps in keeping obesity related diseases like diabetes etc at bay. With development in the most modern technology nowadays, you can body fat measurement scale that can be handled by anybody at home without any professional supervision. These scales are also known as bio-impedance scale for their ability to gauge the excess fat in a person’s body using external forces.

Baby Weigh Scale :

Though categorized under
medical scales
, these are nowadays being exclusively used in private home apart from pediatrics department in medical units. Almost all conscious parents keep a pair of these scales to gauge the healthy growth of the baby from time to time. However, before using any if these scale types, it is important to know the exact weight a baby should have as per its height, age and other factors like area of location, race/stock etc.

Portable Medical Scales :

Any scale may come under this category, but due to their popularity, I have listed them in a separate classification. Portable scales are compact and usually come with digital remote display that make weighing a breeze. Apart from various medical units like hospitals, nursing homes, these are also being increasingly used in slimming centers, gyms, and private homes. Of all the portable scales, the
body fat scale
that offer Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements gives accurate estimate of health risk when used as part of a comprehensive health assessment.

Bed Scales :

These scales are exclusively used in hospitals and health care units for patients that are bedridden. New developments are taking place in this category as to make them suitable for home use as well. These medical scales allow for a patient to be weighted very gently. You can measure anything from a patient’s full body weight to body fat measurement just like the bio-impedance scale.

Get one of these medical scales and enjoy a healthy life for years to come!

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