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Law & Order Review: The "Big Rock Mesa"

Law & Order: Los Angeles focused on the very real fear for many Californians: the fires. In "The Big Rock Mesa", two arson fires set the plot into action, making the comparison between the perpetrators and victims.

This incident led the efforts to balance seems to remain faithful to its location.

Forest fires, as well as the homeless, the people most applications, the Los Angeles must deal with on a daily basis. While accurately describing the setting, the plot deals with the common people to protect their homes, the idea most people can identify.

This is an improvement compared to other episodes devoted exclusively to the problems of Los Angeles.

Part detective series is half the time of the episode seemed to go through fairly quickly. I feel like it came from the ease of the case.

Morales and TJ suspect a question that turns out to be innocent of the murder, but apart from this a bump in the road, the case went very well.

The authors used a classical law and the identity of the Order, fortunately, the victim suffered a knee with a serial number. Interestingly, the percentage of victims of the franchise that are traceable implants, replacements or other surgeries.

After watching countless episodes I'm thinking of getting something for yourself so that when I eventually raped and killed is a good chance that I might be ID'd.

When David Holloway has been found guilty of anti-is pretty easy. And 'interesting to note that TJ appeared to be a greater role than in previous periods of study, contributing to their police and his partner after test of TJ in the last two episodes.


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