Hawg Zytec Sheath

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Product review of the popular Camelbak Hawg

The Camelbak Hawg liquid hydration system will be perfect for anyone who craves a total day, all weather journey, either on a mountain bike or even for rugged climbing or hiking experience. This is the model that is favored most of the military, probably because of its ability to provide an extended hydration experience and also with a large storage capacity as well. It's ability to greatly extend liquid hydration and storage capacity coupled with its impressive dynamic harness suspension, make this unit stand out of the crowd. It is truly fit for any pace and terrain.

The Camelbak Hawg, like many of its competitors, comes fully packed with many features to guarantee your adventure experience is enjoyable and safe as possible. To start off, it was designed to carry helmet, any wet weather gear, tools, pump, spare tube if needed, your keys, your wallet, and your phone and mp3 player as well. Of course they made sure to provide enough storage for food. More importantly, the Camelbak Hawg has the ability to add a separate reservoir to hold over 3 L of liquid. This truly innovative design allows for more ventilation between the pack and your back. Combine this with the new NVIS™ system (six injection EVA foam pods), and you get the highest level of comfort, support and flexibility imaginable. You can achieve ultimate ventilation with the inclusion of a breathable anti-snag mesh fabric. A few additional features also include a removable nametags, ASIPS antennae ports, the HydroLink™ Modular Connection System with positive shut-off HydroLock™ and closed cell insulation and neoprene tube cover, as well as multiple MOLLE/PAL attachment points. It also features a lower pocket which is perfect for storing tools, radios, or a phone MP3 player. You could also use these pockets to store your wallet and keys, as well as any food that you might need on your trip. There is also a sternum and compression strap that provides you with additional stability when attaching the pack to you.

It also has all the normal features you'd expect such as zippered compartment for back panel access when loading a full liquid reservoir. It has a low profile external filling port it also features a quick seal For snapping the hole closed or open or for reloading water without having to reload the reservoir. This product was truly designed with speed and convenience in mind. Additionally, a redesigned reservoir compartment which secures the filling port comfortably against your back as well as handle for drop slots is also included in this pack. To top it all off, a Hanger and folding arms for faster drying is also featured.

All of these excellent features combined with the Antidote™ hydration system, result in the
Camelbak Hawg
liquid hydration system being your absolute best choice for any outdoor adventure. It's ability to store an additional 3 L of water allows it to be adaptable to any length journey you require. Extra comfort features may seem like a luxury, but they really do make the difference between being comfortable and uncomfortable while out in the wild.

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Camelbak Mule Nv
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