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How to replace your old shower head - topons online marketplace

How to replace your old shower head

Now, we all remember the original low flow showerheads that didn't do anything more than restrict the water flow, resulting a shower where you "had to run around to get wet." But today's low flow shower heads have been redesigned and reengineered to do things like control droplet size and mix water with air. As many new technoloy have been added into the shower head, it give many defferent experience to your bathtime. Take
LED Shower Faucets
for example.

We all love the feel of a nice hot shower. Having the warm water running over our bodies is somehow soothing and invigorating at the same time. However, all that water coming out of our showerheads means billions of gallons of water are literally going down the drain. Even if you aren't concerned with the environment, just think about the fact that all that water had to be heated before it got to your shower. Maybe it's time to consider taking out your old showerhead and replacing it with a new one.

So, how do you go about replacing your old showerhead with a new energy efficient one? It's easy.

First, choose the shower head which will replace the old one. Here recommend the
Color Changed LED Wall Mount Shower Head
to you. Why?

This shower head makes this standard procedure in an operation of magic. No need to take their usual shower of equipment has changed, all that is needed – is to replace your current shower head with a Led new and used with pleasure! But that’s not all, imagine that the light changes color depending on water temperature!

This gadget is capable of detecting water temperature and water to illuminate accordingly! No batteries required, because Led is self powered. His work is based on force, created inside the turbine through water management. The installation requires no special expertise, simply screw the new shower head lamp instead of age.

The specification of LED Wall Mount Shower Head as followed:

1、As the built-in device generating electricity without the battery and any other power connets to water, LED will emit the light.

2、When water flows down,the LED will light instantly and automatically by the water temperature;

A. When water temperature is ≤32℃, Green color will show automatically;

B. When water temperature is between 33℃~41℃, Blue color will show automatically;

C. When water temperature is between 42℃~45℃, Red color will show automatically;

D. When water temperature is above 46℃, Red color will flash immediately;

Second, replace the old one with your new
simple LED Wall Mount Shower Head

Simply unscrew the old head from the water supply. To do this, first check on the underside of the showerhead for any small screws and remove them (if there are any). Most shower heads can actually be unscrewed by hand, but if it won't move, use a Crescent wrench or a pair of Vise Grips and unscrew it. Turn slowly and hold the water supply line while you are unscrewing the showerhead - you don't want to give it a sudden jerk and break the supply pipe.

Vice grips with masking tape on the jaws.

Your new showerhead will just screw back on the same way. However, before installing the new showerhead, put some ptpe tape or pipe dope on the threads of the water supply line. This will make sure you don't get any annoying drips from that new showerhead.

One other tip. If you need to use a wrench on your showerhead, first cover the jaws of the wrench with masking tape so you won't mar the surface of the showerhead.

It's as simple as that.

Aha, you can enjoy your bathtime now.

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