Hidden Dragon Sword

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How to Easily Get Dragon Soul Sword in Fable 3

Do you know there is a Dragon Soul Sword in Fable 3? Do you want to get the Dragon Soul Sword in Fable 3? The following will give you some tips to help you get the Fable 3 Dragon Soul Sword easily.

Some one said that Dragon Soul Sword in Fable 3 is a rumors that origin the Souls Greatsword.

Tips 1: Get Dragon Soul Sword in Fable 3

You can buy it in that shop, it is always there, if you are good or evil, fat or skinny, short or tall, it doesn't matter no matter what the rumor says. It is one of the most expensive items in the entire game though, so be ready to weep over your lost gold.

Tips 2: Get Dragon Soul Sword in Fable 3

If you want to get this Dragon Soul Sword in Fable 3, you
need to get a card
. This is the perfect card for Buster Blader by gaining 700 ATK from the equip card and 500 ATK for every dragon in the opponents graveyard. And this card is an excellent Equip candidate for this card would be Elemental Hero Wildheart.

After getting the quest card for Lady Grey,
go to Bowerstone North
during the day. Before talking to anyone, go into the only shop in this side of town. If you are good enough, the
shop owner will have the Dragon Soul sword
for sale. The Dragon Soul sword was once used by the general of the Dragon Knights and has 350 damage.

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