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4 New Heroes in Dota 6.68

IceFrog has just post another update on his blog. He is basically saying that he’s still working hard on Dota 6.68. But what makes me interesting is these words: “There are quite a few new heroes in development“. I’m pretty sure IceFrog won’t use these words if there are only 2 new heroes on the next map.

No.1 Thrall

No.2 Mechanical Flying Machine

No.3 Gnoll Warlord

No.4 Wisp

There is a rumor that Icefrog might not release Icarus, the Phoenix in the next release of the Dota map (6.68). On a suspected chat conversation with Icefrog himself stated that the hero (Phoenix) is not yet ready because he is not yet satisfied with its production and he said that it is better for the hero to be fun than to be rushed. Based on the Sgamer.com report, it is said that they contacted the concerned individual and confirms that the rumor is true. Apparently, he asks for some time for the hero to be perfect and completely enjoyable. Phoenix fans should not be sad because the hero will be immediately included in the 6.69 version. Even if “The Phoenix” will not be included in the list of upcoming heroes in the 6.68 version.

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