Indiana Jones Crystal

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Indiana Jones & Crystal Skull - Could the story been better?

i felt the story was quite awful, getting alien stuff involved made it worse. there wasnt much action, somethings didnt make sense.

what people fought of the movie? would there be another 1?

Dont read unless seen movie

i think is was dissapointing i the movie 5/28/08

and the spaceship that was at the end i thought it was going to be about ancient stuff but they added the aliens anyway

they was some action like when shia fought the soviet union
which is russia NOW THAT GIRL the sword fight for the crystal skull.the lady had guts going through the cliffs

and oxely was there so he led the directions
but was retarted part was when indy was in the dry sand
and oxley got the enemy which was so called ("HELP")

but the end was wierd when indy hat came and shia tried to wear it but failed

it was a 3.8 stars out of 5

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