Inlaid Straight Razor

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Razor wire fence is mostly used for keeping livestock inside a designated area

Razor wire fence is mostly used for keeping livestock inside a designated area and to keep unwanted guests outside. Installing a razor wire fence is not difficult but it is sharp and you have to use it with great attention.

First, measure the area to be fenced. When making a razor wire fence it is a good idea to run three strands of wire. Purchase enough wire to go around the area you want fenced three times. You have to start by marking the places where the end posts and the line posts will be placed. Second, you have to keep 50 feet between the first ones and 10 feet between the second ones. With a post hole digger, you have to make holes for all the posts. A hole 3 feet deep is enough for the end posts and 2 feet deep for a line post. When you are done with the holes, place the posts in them and fill the openings with dirt. The fence has to be secured by the end posts with wood staples and has to be placed at a distance of 1 foot above the ground. Do the same for the line post and repeat the process until the razor wire is strung from all the posts.

In the end, you have to staple lengths of wire in 2, 3 and 4 foot height increments above the ground and in the same time repeating the entire process. A razor wire fence is installed.

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