Jack Cobalt Blue

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Why Many People Like Blue Tiles

Blue ties are a classic staple of every professional man’s wardrobe. Blue ties are available in all shades and patterns, from solid cobalt blue to striped midnight black. Blue is a timeless color that never goes out of season regardless of the time of the year, and it looks like they are here to stay.

The main reason why a lot of people prefer blue ties is because of their highly professional look. When people see someone wearing a blue tie, they often get an impression that the person is highly productive, calm and collected.

Wearing blue ties is quite common, and yet it doesn’t have that “ordinary” feel to it. This is because blue ties can enhance an individual’s presence. The color doesn’t look offensive to the eyes unlike brighter colors. Furthermore, there are different shades of blue that look great for every occasion. Light blue ties are relaxing during summer, while stronger shades of blue can provide a warmer look during winter.

Blue ties
also provide an authoritative feel to people wearing them. However, unlike sharp looking black ties or overwhelming red ties, blue ties do not force the look of authority. Whereas red and black “push” people to acknowledge an individual’s authority, blue lets other people know that an individual is in control in a composed manner. Since co-workers do not get an overpowering impression, they feel more at ease when working with someone wearing a blue tie.

Blue ties
are also popular because of their versatility. The most common suit colors look excellent with blue ties unlike red and yellow, which require a more restricted selection of color combinations. Gray suits and light blue ties are perfect for achieving that subtle look, while dark blue ties and darker shades of gray (or black) look sharp without looking too aggressive.

Blue ties
also look great with lighter blue shirts. A checkered sky blue shirt simply looks awesome with a cobalt blue tie. Of course, you can’t go wrong with blue ties and white shirts, since white looks great when paired with any color. There are also blue ties with patterns that can add life to an otherwise boring shirt.

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