Japanese Military Knife

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The Spyderco Military Knife Used By Those Who Save and Serve

A line of knives created just for those who save lives and serve were produced by Spyderco. They called this line the Save and Serve line up and it all stemmed from the creation of the Spyderco Military knife. Sal Glessar, the company’s president, was determined to design a knife that if his son were to join the military he would feel confident giving it to him to use. He knew it needed to be both high-performance and lightweight and the Military delivers on both qualities.

The rust-resistant S30V steel was used for the knife model to ensure it retained the blade’s sharp edge over time. It is very lightweight with it’s G10 handle that is made of epoxy filled with a woven glass fiber making it resistant to temperature changes and coming in different colors. The handle is also larger than the blade for a strong grasp on it and a good angle when gripping it in your hand. The 4” plain-edge blade is ideal for defensive and utility tasks as the blade is opens very quickly and easily and is extremely sharp. The Spyderco Military also features a locking-liner that is inlayed into the scale of the knife and is very secure so the user knows the blade will stay open while in use. Also, having the lock’s liner inlayed into the scale elevates the lock’s strength without having to add bulky liners.

The Military is often referred to as the “Millie” and contains a modified clip-point blade with the famous Spyderhole that enable quick deployment with our without gloves. To keep the knife from slipping forward or backward in your hand, there is a finger choil located at the back of the knife blade. The handle scales have a gap created by spacers that reveal the inside contents for ease of cleaning and inspecting. And for added cutting control, Spyderco has added texturing above the round hole cut out to hold your thumb on the blade’s spine while cutting.

Specs include:

• Nested Walker Linerlock, G-10 laminate handle scales, Spine and Choil jimping

• Weighs 4.25 oz, Screw construction, Modified Clip-point blade

• The blade is 4 long with an overall length of 9 1/4

• CPM® - S30V Steel

• Length overall 9 1/2" (241 mm)

• Blade length 4" (102 mm)

• Hole diameter 9/16" (14 mm)

• Blade thickness 5/32" (4 mm)

Many have the same opinion that the Military is a first-class knife and is very well made. Being a great self-defense knife as well as great for everyday use makes it a popular choice for many knife enthusiasts. It’s also lightweight and fits well into your pocket making it easy to carry this folding knife. It is a tip down carry and doesn’t have an adjustable pocket clip which could be a slight drawback to this particular model. If you plan on purchasing the Spyderco Military you should also be aware of your state’s carry laws as it could be illegal to carry this knife in some areas or you may have to have a concealed weapons permit to carry it.

Overall this is a high-performing, durable, lightweight knife that is tough as nails and worth having. Purchasing it directly from the maker will cost you more than $200 but you can certainly find it for less than $175 on the secondary market. Although it may the investment for the Spyderco Military may be a little more than other similar knives, you can be sure this knife will continue to both perform and last a long time.

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