Japanese Naval Officer

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give an account of survivor of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour?

While the air assault against Pearl Harbor is well known few are aware there were five mini Japanese subs involved and though they accomplished nothing, one being destroyed by the US Destroyer Ward at the entrance to the harbor nearly an hour before the 'surprise; attack, another of the subs found itself stranded in shallow water and one of its crew survived, thus becioming the first Japanese Prisoner of World War Two in the fight with America...

Kazuo Sakamaki
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Kazuo Sakamaki Kazuo Sakamaki (酒巻和男 Sakamaki Kazuo, November 8, 1918 - November 29, 1999) was a Japanese naval officer. He was one of ten sailors (5 officers and 5 petty officers) who volunteered to attack Pearl Harbor in a Ko-hyoteki class midget submarine. Of the ten, the other nine were killed (including the other crewman in his sub, Kiyoshi Inagaki) and Sakamaki was captured by the Americans, becoming the first prisoner held by the Americans in World War II.

He found work with the Toyota Motor Corp. and became president of the Brazilian subsidiary in 1969. In 1983, he returned to Japan and worked for Toyota before retiring in 1987. In 1991, Sakamaki attended a historical conference in Texas and was reunited with his submarine for the first time in 50 years."


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