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Japanese Develop New Reasons for Wearing Clothes!

Human beings began wearing “clothes” a long time ago for protection from cold and maybe to ward off insects and avoid minor injuries. Sexual taboos and/or sexual modesty did not begin to play a role until the development of so-called civilizations and religions. Now, fashion is a prime factor in how much, how little, and what kind of clothing people wear.

Not surprisingly, innovative Japanese scientists in the textile industry have added a new and amazing element to the reason for wearing clothing—one that goes beyond the temperature, sexual taboos and fashions.

This new element is a break-through in nanotechnology that makes it possible for textile manufacturers to create fabrics that have extraordinary attributes—fabrics that are now being used in such things as briefs or shorts for men and panties for women.

A U.S. apparel maker has begun using one of the nanofibers developed by Teijin Ltd. to line women’s underwear. The polyester fiber is 85 timers thinner than a human hair. And what does it do? It fits the wearer in such a way that it exercises the muscles in the pubic area, burning calories and getting the wear in better shape.

And, says a Teijin spokesperson, it does all of this while fitting better and feeling better than underwear made from other fabrics!

It gets better. A Japanese female astronaut, Naoko Yamazaki, who recently returned from a lengthy stay on the International Space Station, wore shorts and pants made from a new fabric created by Toray Industries while she was on the space station. Called NanoMatrix, this new fiber kills germs, eliminates bad smells and reduces static electricity—all very important when you are cooped up in a small space…regardless of your gender.

Toray has also introduced fabrics for swimsuits that prevent sand from sticking to them, for coats that repel pollen, and for sweat suits that masks the sweat produced when the wearer exercises.

Gunze Ltd., another textile manufacturer, has also jumped onto the underwear bandwagon with a nanotech fabric that neutralizes sweat, and in winter keeps the wearer’s pubic area warmer than traditional fabrics.

Kurabo Industries has come up with a fabric that acts as an antidote to viruses that cause flu. The company also says it has the technology to produce fabrics that have an anti-viral effect against measles and mumps, and will soon begin production.

A number of these new high-tech nanofabrics are being used in the medical industry for masks that can be washed up to 50 times without losing their anti-viral properties, making it possible to use them over and over. Masks used by firefighters are also being made from this fabric.

Still another new fabric made by Unitaka Trading Company absorbs and holds heat from the sun, making it possible to produce winter wear that is much thinner and lighter than present-day coats, jackets and sweaters. The company plans to introduce the material in 2011 in clothing for people who work outside during the winter months, following which it will be used in sportswear.

One of the most important uses of the new nano-fabric textiles is in fire and heat-resistant materials for firefighters. Tenjin Techno Products has already produced firefighting gear that is 15 percent lighter than usual and expects to increase this to 30 percent in the near future.

I predict that the underwear that pumps up your pubic area muscles, makes you smell good, wards off ailments—and won’t discharge static electricity if you get close to someone—will be a big hit!


The author Boye Lafayette De Mente is internationally known for his 50-plus books on the cultures, customs and foibles of China, Japan, Korea, Mexico and the U.S., from business management to sexual behavior.

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