Karambit Window Punch

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Brisbane car window tinting laws for Queensland and the Gold Coast. These laws vary throughout diffe

Brisbane car window tinting laws.

The window tinting law in Brisbane and the Gold Coast states that all persons must only apply a 35% grade tinting film to a passenger-type vehicle(car) windows.

Exceptions to this rule include the CARGO areas in vans or wagons which may be tinted a darker grade(driver/passenger side windows must still retain the 35% grade film however).

There is no law re tint grades for house-boat or caravan windows.

The front windscreen of any vehicle must NOT be tinted under any circumstance.

Breaching these laws can void insurance claims as applications of a darker-than-legal tint is able to diminish visibility which can in turn cause an accident harming lives and property.

There are many brands of 35% grade tint films in the Brisbane /Gold Coast areas.

These can vary slightly in depth of shade according to manufacture but are still all legal to apply.

Another point of consideration is whether a tint film has a highly metallic element. This metallic nature can interfere with GPS signals.

It was developed and very popular for colour stability some years ago when GPS systems were generally not used.

Manufacturers have overcome this issue with new non-metallic colourfast films called

IR Films which allow transmittance of GPS signals whilst driving in the Brisbane/Gold Coast areas. As GPS signals may be compromised in the inner Brisbane City area due to towering buildings, choosing a “Smart” car tint film such as IR35% which is technology “Savvy” can help.

ENJOY the sun with your window tinting in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast!


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