Kershaw Mini Cyclone

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SHTF items?

Ok, i have 4 things i would like to know

Primary firearm, for hunting and finding food with:
Secondary firearm, for self defense:

When i say tool, i mean, entrenching tool, hammer, Axe or whatever

mine would be:

Primary firearm: Ruger 10/22

Secondary firearm: Remington 870 12 gauge (i could ALSO use my secondary for hunting as well.)

Knife: Kershaw mini cyclone serrated blade

Tool: Crowbar, always handy (classic, 2 sided crowbar.)


Primary rifle: bolt action hunting rifle for food and sniping
Secondary: semi auto rifle in military caliber for self defense and hunting.

Knife: Kbar
Tool: AXE do anything with it.
supplemental firearm: 12 gauge shotgun, Pump, 20" barrel, extended tube magazine, uses: hunting, self defense.

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