Kershaw Vapor Ken

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Ken onion knives and Kershaw Chives: Tools every camper needs

It is important to bring the best kind of camping gear when preparing for a trip outdoors. Whenever we say the right kind, the gear must come under compact, handy and weightless. Whether you decide to go camping or hiking, you will need to remember that anything can happen outdoors. Having the right tools may come in handy in any kind of problem.

What are the tools to bring? A rundown of the things required are listed below:

- Trail guides or maps- What's the purpose of heading on a trip when you don't even know where you're going? By overlooking this guide, you're putting yourself, your family, along with other camping buddies in danger. Do not venture out into the woods without protection. Trail guides have information on what spots to avoid and what spots are great for setting up your camp. Always adhere to the trail guide. It's possible to enjoy your outdoor trip without the hassle of ever getting lost.

- Ropes, hammers, screw drivers, wrenches, scissors, and small shovels - These are all tools that come in handy when it's time to setting up your tent. Having these allows you to put up your tent fast. By making use of these tools, it will be easier to move faster, enabling you to enjoy more free time during your trip.

- Flashlight and batteries- These tools are very important when camping. It is easier to move at night by using a flashlight. A flashlight will let you search for things and see in the dark. Flashlights can help you prevent accidents and act as a signal to others when you're getting lost. Needless to say any battery-operated gadget is worthless without batteries. Don't forget to put them in the list.

- First Aid kit- Accidents may happen anytime in camping or hiking activities. The first aid kit may help aid cuts, bruises or any other ailments that could come about during the trip. Be sure that there are enough pain-relievers, band-aids, anti-septic wipes, alcohol, calamine lotion, elastic bandage and gauze. Bring medical tape as well in the first aid kit box. Don't forget to read through the first-aid manual so you'll find out how to use the contents in the kit. Store it in places that are accessible to adults but can't be reached by kids. Look at the kits on a regular basis and make sure you restock lacking items. Take note of the expiration date of the products.

Kershaw Chive vs. Ken Onion Knives

Knives are definitely one of the most essential tools to have while in an outdoor trip. They can be employed when setting up tents and cutting up food. Furthermore they are useful during hard activities. Kershaw Chive is a knife that's tough and handy. It may last you a lifetime if properly maintained. Apart from this, they're attractive, custom-designed, and come with quality leather cases. Kershaw chives are multi-purpose. Kershaw chives range in price from $30 to $40.

Ken onion knives offer the same function as Kershaw chive knives. They're multi-purpose and keep their sharpness for a long time if well maintained. Ken onion knives provide more designs to pick from rather than the Kershaw chive. Ken Onion knives ranges from $25to $50.

Martha Kile is a Hiking guide who uses
ken onion knives
and a
kershaw chive

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