Kill Bill Budd

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Recently honored at the 2009 Action on Film (AOF) International Film Festival in Pasadena, Calif.,, the newest movie from Spirit Films, LLC, “Outrage” was named Best SciFi Picture of the Year.

A white knuckle thriller about the law of attraction, fate changing decisions and facing the past, “Outrage” was produced and directed by Ace Cruz and executive producer Paul D’Agnese.

Starring the talented Michael Madsen (Sin City, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs) and Natasha Lyonne (American Pie, Slums of Beverly Hills), this highly-acclaimed film also received additional accolades from the AOF with nominations for Best Villain, Best Visual Effects and Best Action Sequence.

In addition to Madsen and Lyonne, “Outrage” also showcases the acting abilities of Pauly D, Ace Cruz, Katie Fountain, Derek Lee Nixon, John Dillion and the incomparable Michael Berryman.

The critically acclaimed Lyonne says she was delighted to work with Madsen on such a thought-provoking project. With its unique content and approach, “Outrage” stands out among the slew of films on her resume.

“It is an interesting film that explores the power of the psyche and subconscious mind to determine or color our conditions, reality and experience,” sums up Lyonne.

“The producers have spent time to weave a story of danger, intrigue and choices,” says Berryman. “The message of the film is most powerful. The pure entertainment is solid and uncompromising. It is a film you can watch many times and take something new from it each time.”

“Outrage” is a thrilling, exciting and invigorating movie with a great message,” says Madsen.

Making films for the past 12 years, Cruz has done seven movies. His first was “Last Chance” which he wrote, directed, produced and co-starred with “Diifferent Strokes’” actor Todd Bridges and Judy Ann Santos. It took him 4 years to finally finish. He made the movie for $10,000 and was able to sell it to the American Film Market and actually made a profit which is pretty unheard of.. Most first-time film makers never make a dime on their first movie, but Cruz did and it really launched his career.”

Since completing that first film, Cruz has made five more; “Urban Task Force”, which he also directed and starred in with well-known Filipina actress Sunshine Cruz. The success of that movie led to his third film “Psychotic” which he directed and starred in with Sam Jones (Flash Gordon), Joe Estevez (Martin Sheen’s brother), and Kathleen Kinmont (Renegades). Next he made “Fate” which starred Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar Man), Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice), and Michael Pare (Streets of Fire). His fifth film was “The Golem”, which he stars with Christopher Atkins’ (Blue Lagoon) daughter, Britney Bowman and now “Outrage”.

“Film making is my passion,” says Cruz. One of my goals is to make films that have spiritual content to inspire people and help them to make better choices in their lives…..movies with a positive message that can help people become better beings. The lesson in “Outrage” is what you are inside is what you attract in life and I am hoping that not only do audiences immerse themselves in unbridled entertainment, but also take home the message.”

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