Knife Brief Cases

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A brief summary on the Gatco knife sharpener

All of us are familiar with knives as well as knives sharpeners. The knife is an indispensable, multi-purpose tool found in every household of the world. The main selling point of most knives is the sharpness associated with them. With daily usage, they are prone to lose the sharpness and need to be sharpened using special knife sharpeners.

There are many brands providing knife sharpeners in the market but Gatco leads them all. Gatco is one of the most popular brands offering a variety of knife sharpeners, other tool sharpeners, accessories etc.

Gatco was started nearly 15 years ago with a mission to create quality sharpeners and accessories for knives and other tools. Today, they have seen a big growth in their business line and claim to have 100% customer satisfaction.

Gatco has been a prominent name in providing knives and tools sharpeners for more than two decades now. All of their equipments are made from the best of materials available. The company is also well known for its extremely efficient round-the-clock customer service. Gatco also offers a complete line of accessories as well as replacement parts.

There are a few supreme features of Gatco knife sharpeners. They are as below:-

• All Gatco knife sharpeners have a unique system that helps in securing the knife blade at one place while the adjustable sliding guide rod is able to position the hone in such a way that it provides consistent and precise honing action each and every single time. This sliding guide rod is patented and it makes the Gatco knife sharpeners highly user friendly.

• Their hones are specially designed keeping safety in mind so that it is comfortable to use and also protects your fingers from harm.

• Their clamp screws are large in size and they have a knurled head design. This assists in finger tightening, without having to use any tools.

• Each system box contains two ounces of FDA approved honing oil.

• Detailed instructions of how to sharpen is included in every system case along with exclusive angle selection reference chart.

• Gatco also offers warranty of the product being free from any defects in craftsmanship and materials.

• Gatco offers knife and tool sharpeners in various materials like

o Diamond - Gives you speed as well as precision and can be used to sharpen any kitchen, sport, utility cutlery

o Carbide – Less expensive and more heat resistant compared to its counterparts. Offers excellent sharpening for kitchen, sport as well as utility cutlery of all sizes.

o Arkansas – Being a natural stone, it extends the life of your blade (as it does not remove too much metal from the blade while sharpening) and also polishes it while sharpening it.

o Ceramic – Low maintenance sharpeners and easy to operate. They do not require any lubricant and the surface does not rust. They come in different densities to suit different applications.

Gatco knife sharpeners make it really easy for each and everyone to achieve results that are professional in nature when it comes to sharpening knives, tools etc.

If you would like to learn more about Gatco sharpening systems such as the
Diamond Hone Sharpening System
or the
Edgemate Knofe Sharpening System
? click on the hyperlinks to visit our site and learn more.

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