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Spare Parts Express: The New Quick World of Domestic Appliance Spares

Have you ever had this experience: the washing machine makes a despairing sort of gurgle and vomits 14 gallons of water all over your kitchen floor? You ring a trades person, who tells you that the domestic appliance spares market is a little slow right now, and that he or she will be able to get your washing machine spares in a couple of weeks? It’s the white goods equivalent of taking your car to the garage and having some oil covered wrench wielder scratch his or her belly and say - it can be fixed, but might be a “little” expensive.

Well, fear not – and indeed rejoice. For the Internet has come to the world of white goods repairs, and it has cut delivery times for all domestic appliance spares to a much more normal time frame. Anyone looking for washing machine spares these days can find whatever they need, for whatever model they happen to own (or are fixing) in a couple of clicks: and then it’s just a case of two or three days to wait and the part is on the door mat, waiting to be fitted.

Whether you’re a private customer or a home repairs business, the easy availability and quick delivery times given by the Internet are making lives better all round. White goods and other major domestic appliances can’t really be left out of action for too long: they are integral to most of our daily tasks and occupations, which means that waiting more than a few days for domestic appliance spares can be grindingly depressing. From a business point of view, that has the knock on effect that customers go elsewhere when you say that the washing machine spares you need to fix their washer are going to take a week to turn up. Now that UK websites are holding large registers of stock across the board of all common manufacturers and models, and dispatching in two days, small businesses that rely on customer goodwill and word of mouth to survive are having a much better time of it.

There’s usually a price benefit to sourcing domestic appliance spares online too. Broadly speaking, the wide availability of sources on the Internet (or rather used by the websites we all buy our white goods spares and so on from) helps keep prices down, overall, because a single supplier (a website selling washing machine spares for example) is able to go to several sources to get its stuff. That means it can choose the supplier currently offering the best price – and so can pass on those savings to private customers and business users alike.

In a world where waste is criminal and consigning expensive household equipment to the dump when it could be fixed is not an option, the easy and quick availability of domestic appliance spares has changed the way we deal with broken major appliances. We can save money and re-use our essential gear without having to wait weeks for the privilege.


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washing machine spares
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