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The Dream Sharpener, AccuSharp Knife Sharpener

AccuSharp Knife Sharpener
is a state of the art sharpener that provides mobility, quickness, durability, and affordability. Whenever I'm looking for a product, I try and find the best that there is and what it is that really makes it stand out from the crowd. I try and get a general outline of the entire spectrum.

Being that it's a manual knife sharpener, it allows for you to carry it where ever you want to. It fits in your hand and is portable enough to carry it anywhere you want to. There's no need for an electrical outlet, and it can become handy to keep one in your tool kit when you hunt or in your fishing gear. The handle comes with a hand guard for protection from the knife blade while you sharpen.

The blades inside that sharpener are typically made of different materials, but this one is specifically made a material not many knife sharpeners have. It's called Tungsten Carbide, a common alloy well known in the mining industry and used with weaponry in armor piercing bullets, drilling tools and jewelry. It has twice the hardness of steel and 4 times the strength of titanium. AccuSharp is unique with a blade strong enough to sharpen nearly any material. Ceramics would be an exception.

Note: Please do not forget to wash your knives after you sharpen then, it's dangerous to consume the metal filings from your knives after sharpening.

Most sharpeners take a few minutes to hone your blade edge. The supposedly high end sharpeners have some that take 30 minutes and 3 different processes to sharpen requiring a firm hold and an electrical outlet and some counter space. The AccuSharp takes seconds the first time and even less time the times afterwards. The reason being the first time sharpening requires the blade edges of your knife to conform to the v notch sharp of the sharpener. Afterwards 2-3 swipes or less than 5 seconds with gentle pressure is all it takes. Few few knive edge restorers can boast that kind of speed, not even the sharpening rods.

The durability of the AccuSharp is 5-10 years. Typical sharpeners last 1-3 years with their warrenty and then need to be replaced. The Accusharp last 5-10 years and new replacement blades can be bought at a very low price. The blades can be switched around to double the life of your sharpener.

I highly recommend the
Accushape Knife Sharpener
, there are few like it with such a range of uses with such powerful benefits. Plus the price is less than ten dollars.

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