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How to Choose the Right Diamond Ring Setting

Whether you're choosing a diamond ring for yourself or looking for a ring to give as a gift, choosing the diamond setting is just as important as selecting the diamond that fits inside it. The right diamond setting will make a gorgeous diamond sparkle and shine while the wrong jewelry setting can make diamond jewelry look dull. Diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding rings and other diamond jewelry are investments, and choosing a great setting will make the jewelry twinkle for a lifetime. If you are purchasing a diamond
engagement ring
or a wedding ring, it is important to choose a ring setting that matches your, or your bride's, personal style. Showcase your diamond in the perfect ring setting with our tips.

Choosing a Diamond Ring Setting:

Diamond choices: Whether you are purchasing an engagement ring for the love of your life or you are choosing a just-because ring for yourself, it is a good idea to match the setting to the stone; different diamonds show better in different settings. If you are choosing a diamond ring for yourself, try to select a diamond that will match your personal style. If you are shopping for a diamond engagement ring, consider elegant round-brilliant solitaires and romantic princess-cut stones.

Solitaires and multi-stone settings: Solitaire
diamond rings
showcase just one beautiful gem while multi-stone settings can incorporate several diamonds. Three-stone diamond rings are fun and meaningful choices for anniversary gifts, and cluster settings showcase a smattering of diamonds in a unique pattern. Some wedding bands and solitaire settings have small diamonds set into the band in a straight line or a scattered pattern.

Traditional or unconventional: Diamond settings usually fall into two categories: traditional and unconventional. The traditional setting category includes prong, bezel and channel settings. Unconventional settings include tension, pave and invisible settings. Prong settings are popular for engagement rings; prong settings grip a solitaire stone on four sides and lift the diamond up off the band. Bezel settings hold the stone with a ring of metal. Tension settings pinch a diamond on two sides, and pave settings include multiple stones set flush into the metal to create a shape or design. Choose a setting that matches your, or your significant others, personality and style.

Choose your metal: Gold, silver and platinum are popular choices for diamond rings; titanium, stainless steel and other metals are also available. It is a good idea to choose metal based on your current jewelry collection or your girlfriend's wardrobe choices.
White gold
, silver and platinum have a lovely silver hue, and all go perfectly with silver jewelry and a variety of clothing colors. Yellow gold is gorgeous and luxurious and will complement gold-tone necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Skin tone is also an important consideration when choosing jewelry metal. You can look at different metals on your skin to see how they look or pay attention to the metals your special girl wears to get an idea of which metal colors she prefers. If you like both gold and silver hues, choose a two-tone diamond ring.

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