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The Importance of Edge protectors in Haulage and Load Transportation

They don’t cost much, but humble edge protectors can often represent the difference between a huge load value and disaster. Plastic or composite edge protectors protect the load from biting or indentation made by the strapping – and are also there to make sure that the load itself does not end up damaging the straps.

When cargo is loaded and strapped it is nearly always intended for shipment or movement in some way. The forces that come into play on strapped up cargo are often severe – and while the strapping prevents the cargo from flying around in its container or hold, it can also (because of these heavy forces) endanger the items it is protecting. Edge protectors are designed to defray some of the biting force that the strapping exerts when the container is moving through the three potential axes of gravity and weight.

You can easily demonstrate the potential stress relief of edge protectors on your own body – using a rucksack or bag with a strap, and a thumb. If you have a heavy bag on your back and the strap is biting into your neck, and you put your thumb between the strap and your neck, the relief in pressure you get is similar to the relief that can be provided by edge protectors.

A product or container with sharp edges may actually present more of a danger to the strapping than the strapping does to the product. In a container, moving, a heavy load with sharp edges can act like a saw on the tightly stretches webbing – the edges snap individual filaments on the webbing until enough have been severed that the whole thing comes completely apart. Edge protectors prevent this from occurring by taking all the friction and leaving the fibres of the webbing alone.

It is hardly necessary to paint a picture of what can happen in heavy transit when edge protectors are not used. A fragile or expensive cargo severely imprinted, rubbed or even visibly cut by strapping is unsalable, which means the cargo is a complete loss. And of course if a strap on your webbing actually breaks, as the result of the sawing motion caused by moving forces in heavy transit, there’s even more damage to worry about. Not only will the cargo be a write off, but a flying container can easily knock a hole in the side of another container, or damage the vehicle in which it is travelling – or worse, damage a member of crew.
Edge protectors
might be little, but they have big importance.

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