Last Samurai Battle

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Good War Movies????/?

Im looking for some medieval/samurai period war films. Films like the Last Samurai, Battle of Chi-Bi,Lord of the rings(even though it was fiction),and Kingdom of Heaven are what im talking about.

Large-scale battles,epic

Foreign and non Foreign.

I would prefer a film made above the year 2000 but im open minded.

Thank you
Lol Ive seen all those that are listed, Ive seen a lot and im looking for that one or two I havent seen. I will possibly consider watching the 80s samurai film

Don't know of any newer samurai flicks...if you're willing to sit through a movie with an open mind, try the old 80's mini series's pretty good, if you're more into the storyline than the camerawork, etc. Try the book, it's mind blowing...
Also, it's not exactly what you're looking for and you've probably seen it already, but go for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon....epic...just epic...

Edit: Well, you got me thinking about all the samurai flicks I've seen, and there's a few that I forgot about but were cool too, had to go to my netflix account and hunt them down:
The Hidden Blade
Shinobi: Heart under Blade
When the Last Sword is Drawn (good one, slow but nice action)
The Twilight Samurai (more drama than action, but one of the coolest low-key last fight scene)
Battle of the Warriors
(all of the above films were made after 2000)
Taboo (1999)(watch at your own risk, there's gay scenes in here, but one of the coolest beheadings I've ever seen...yea! lol)
and this is the only anime samurai movie series I'll recommend (and worth it): Samurai X (2000) , Samurai X: The Director's Cut (1999)...the movie series, not the tv show from japan (lame)...It's an awesome historicial samurai flick...Good fight scenes, wish I could see them for real, and it's not over the top...

There's a bunch I've seen but older films like The Sword of Doom (pretty cool but unfinished ending), Yojimbo, Seven Samurai, etc...personal faves of mine.

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