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Got a ticket for failure to yield to ER vehicle in Mo?

Driving home from Indy race in April and there was heavy traffic. Two troopers on the side of the road with lights going. I had a car behind me and 2 beside me and I was going speed limit. I slowed down, but was unable to switch lanes due to traffic. Pulled over and given ticket which has a mandatory court appearance. Trying to get some idea what fine will be if I am found guilty. My bf is going with me as a witness.
I know it is dangerous for law enforcement, rescue personnel in this case, but I literally could not move over.
The officer was ON the shoulder, if I had pulled over there I would have hit them. The issue is not moving away from officers parked on the side of the road.

If you can take defensive driving, or some other form of community service to dismiss the ticket, that's probably the best course of action. You'll spend just as much energy fighting the ticket, and might lose anyway, than if you just plot a sure course to dismissal. Having a witness helps, but the credibility of the law officer will be higher to start with, because that's his job - especially if he has a great track record of integrity with the particular judge. Good luck.

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