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Understand the Type of Jade Jewelry before Buying

Jade jewelry is available in three types which are Jade type A, Type B and Type C. Understanding each type of jade will help you purchase the right jade necklace, bangle, ring or pendant. Here we look into detail the three types of Jade jewelery.

Jade Jewelry type A is basically the jewelry made of natural jade. Natural jade which is not in any ways treated but is only processed using the traditional methods. Natural Chinese jade is processed by washing it with plum juice and afterwards using bee wax to polish it. Again, all Type A jade jewelry will have the natural colors as no color additions are permitted on Type A jade. Natural jade rings or bangles, or jade necklaces will have a natural green color that will not fade no matter how long they are used.

The type B jade is the bleached china jade and is impregnated with polymer. One of the easiest ways to differentiate Type B jade from the natural jade is by using colors. Type B jade undergoes hydrolysis and oxygenation process which make the structure different and which make the jade to have colors like Orange, grey, black or brown. Again, Type B will be more translucent as compared to type A jade. The heating and chemicals used to enhance type B jade, jade jewelry under this category will have a loose and damaged structure. For this reason, majority of Type B jade jewelry after some time will start discoloring and become lesser and lesser attractive.

Type C is the kind of jade that have been both bleached and dyed. The difference between type B and type c jade is that the latter is dyed to make it more attractive. The chemical used to bleach and dye type C jade jewelry and jade pendant become unstable after some time, and due to this, the jewelry will start losing their color. When exposed to household detergents, strong light or body heat, type C jade will lose equality and transparency.

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