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Star Ocean: The Last Hope

When people roll their eyes and reveal a hesitance to play Japanese role-playing games, they're probably referring to games like Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Insipid, uninspired and un-ambitious, these games - or 'grinds' in jaded parlance - attract the genre's faults and outdated contrivances like a lightning rod. The Last Hope is particularly offensive in that, despite its promising futuristic setting and Star Trek manifesto, it still manages to be all about swords, bows and pointy ears. JRPG apologists will break out in a sweat trying to defend this one, as developer tri-Ace has seemingly gone out of its way to assemble one of the most grating, imbecilic and utterly unlikable casts ever. Within the ten hours it takes for the game's plot to get out of bed, you'll meet a teenage boy struggling with his confidence, a saccharine-spouting childhood friend (the universe's worst kind of cling-on), and a magical little girl. The clichéd and deeply annoying band of heroes share a defining moment when, after crash landing on an ALIEN planet and slaughtering the ALIEN wildlife for an hour, they react in shock upon encountering ... an ALIEN. It doesn't help that the lack of expressive facial animation and abundance of awful voice acting turn every cut-scene into a surreal form of torture, like watching possessed, saucer-eyed marionettes reciting bad dialogue for hours on end. The game's titular last hope seems to lie in its combat system, a real-time affair that takes a few pointers from third-person action games. In addition to using a variety of items and spells, each of the four active characters can be manually controlled (with the competent Al taking the reins of the remaining participants) and thrust headlong into battle with jumps, offensive combos and a particularly useful dodge-and-counter move. You'll have to frequently wrestle with an unwieldy camera here, but at least there's some excitement to be extracted.   Still, it's one diamond set within a tacky, bronze ring. The Last Hope is a lengthy engagement too, one where quests are intentionally designed to give you the literal run-around, and where every moment spent not fighting feels like a huge waste of time. Hang on to your time - and your money, too. For all your Discount Computer Parts, Games and Notebook requirements visit us at http://usacomputers.rr.nu and http://sacomputers.rr.nu

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