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Innovative Brass band music search engine wins rave reviews

Brass bands have long been popular bands to listen to. The unique sounds that emanate from the mixture of wind instruments have captivated many people for many years. One issue for brass bands can often be locating the correct style and type of sheet music for popular songs or even less well known musical scores. This problem has now been solved by the intervention of an innovative website which provides a search engine facility to help locate brass band sheet music. That website is This impressive website provides a search engine specifically for the sole aim of locating brass band sheet music. It scours the numerous providers through the net and brings them all under one umbrella. The comprehensive information contained within this authoritive website includes details about publishers, songs and band music available and even provides MP3 samples if available as well as Pdf scores. A whole range of different band music styles are available within the website with songs such as Wichita lineman and Wilfred Heaton currently popular choices. The range of publishers is also comprehensive with names such as Band Press VOF, Faber Music and World of Brass all available and included within the search parameters of the website. The website not only caters for sheet music however, CD's and T shirts are also available. The catalogue of brass band CD's is exhaustive and contains many favourite recordings as well as some not so well known. T shirts are on offer as well, with an impressive range of T shirts offering something for everyone at excellent prices. has received rave reviews and plaudits from many who have frequented its pages. It has become the premier website for anyone looking for brass band sheet music as well as brass band related items. Its popularity is down to a simple premise, it provides a comprehensive resource aimed at a particular market and it does this very well. The visitor is provided with a user friendly website which caters for their every need when it comes to locating the sheet music they are looking for and does it in an effective and efficient manner. For further information visit

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