Luxury Silk Samurai

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Hand-printed Silk Scarves, Luxury Collection for Women

Silk scarves are very popular female accessories all around the globe. As every woman wants to dress herself in a special way,
hand-painted silk scarves
have been brought to life. Not many people know much about hand-painted silk scarves. But they do have their special value and manufacture crafts.

Hand-print, can be used into various kinds of themes on silk scarves. Cartoon figures, beautiful sceneries, cute animals or expression of love can all be brought into life when printed onto silk scarves. On silk scarves, painters usually choose bright colors, for silk scarves are tools to lighten up women’s whole outfits. Some common patterns include a large flower in the center, posting a sharp color contrast to the other part of the silk scarf, or a female figure wearing flaming folk costume. The wonderful thing about hand-printed silk scarves is that you may never find another same silk scarf in the street.

A lot of world-famous brands have their own hand-painted silk scarves, such as Hermes. The silk scarves of Hermes are not just flat and smooth silk, they are made of silk cloth with grooves on it. Every line of silk has been painted before it is made into the silk scarf, which makes the whole silk scarf not easily wrinkle. Patterns like bees and horses are commonly used in hand-pained silk scarves.

Patterns on Hermes’ silk scarves all have to go through several procedures, theme settling, picture finalizing, picture portraying, color analyzing, color combining, printing and retouching. From the idea was born, a Hermes hand-printed silk scarf will not come into the market until 18 months later. Every hand-printed silk scarf is like a piece of art work there, which is unique and attractive.

Spanish famous brand Loewe also has its own hand-printed silk scarves. Loewe’s designers, steeped in Spanish culture, are good at designing typical Spanish patterns, such as matadors with flaming flags, or abstract paintings of bright colors. Numerous royal family members today like to order Loewe’s special luxury silk scarves for wearing and collecting.

Unlike other kinds of silk scarves, hand-printed silk scarves, with their unique designs and complicated manufacturing crafts, have become luxury goods instead of ordinary accessories. They are the best symbols of one’s taste, and indications of one’s social status. If you have first-class taste and want to be special in your style, pick a hand-printed silk scarf for yourself. It will be a proud collection of yours in your whole closet.

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