Macedonian Army Phalanx

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New Strategy for ORCS to Defeat Humans' Magic Army

Shaman Strategy:

Strategy Core :
Build one burrow then upgrades to Stronghold, use the advantage on technology , create Shaman as soon as possible, and defend enemy’s disturbance back then start your own attack. Using Purge Item to purge summoned creatures; Grunts beat Spell Breakers; TC who with a Lightning Shield on its body can beat all that magic army down, you can choose to begin the final battle in midterm.

Strategy Weakness:
Being afraid of tower-rushed by Humans in its 1-level-base time; the disturbance after AM upgrades to level 3 in a short time; Humans choose Pandaren Brewmaster as its second hero

Aimed Strategy:
Regular creatures-summoning strategy used by Humans

Strategy Processes:
Choose Far seer as your first hero, build one borrow then upgrades to Stronghold. FS’s task is to delay the level-up time of AM , you couldn’t let AM upgrades to level 3 easily. When Stronghold completed, build two Spirit Lodges and massively produce Shaman, then create TC, learns Shock Wave, discharge all your Shock Waves to footmen, don’t save your Mana, when Shamen come out ,use G on those summoned creatures, they would become red blood immediately, then kill them all and get your experiences. As always , two Shamen can swipe those summoned creatures easily, and those footmen are also beat to yellow blood by the second Shock Waves of TC, so Humans disturbance is nearly over.

Then you can MF some point on the map, try to let FS and TC to level 3 and level 2, then you can choose to attack your enemy, with 5 to 8 Shamen, you can fight against Humans. The order of Microcontrol on this battle should be: firstly, attack on the ground, then put a Lightning Shield on TC, let TC walked into the magic army, then discharge all Shock Waves to those Priests and Sorceresses, if TC can’t walk in due to its size, you can replace TC with a Grunt, If goes well, Orcs will win this battle smoothly.

Other New Strategy for ORCS to Beat Humans-----Headhunters sea

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